An introductory post defining Web 2.0 technology and discussing the functions of Audioboo.

Welcome to my blog! My first post here will introduce the concept of Web 2.0 technology and tell you everything you need to know about Audioboo.

The term Web 2.0 is meant to differentiate between the current Internet technology and that prior to the “Dot-com bubble burst” of 2001. It received much attention in 2004, being the main subject of a conference on web technology held by the O’Reilly Media group. Web 2.0 brings together different technologies, including Javascript and Adobe Flash, to allow users to access, edit, and share information easily online, via web-based applications.

One such application is Audioboo, which integrates social networking, web-based programming, and file sharing in its construct. This application provides users with a means by which to record and upload audio files to the internet and share them with friends and the general public over facebook, twitter, or their blogs. Audioboo was released as an app for smartphones, while also being available for users to record audio files using an online version of the application.

Audioboo was launched in 2009, achieving almost immediate success due to its ease of use, and has often been referred to as the Youtube of the spoken word.

Audioboo, an online sound recording and sharing application with connections to social networking sites that has achieved international fame in a short period of time, is a prime example of Web 2.0 technology and its capabilities.

Pink Floyd - Nobody Home


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